Oct 122018

[UBASE] Global Customer Service Trust & Safety Specialist (Multilingual Chinese)

Role Description:
We’re looking for full-time Trust & Safety professionals who are brilliant & multilingual to join our team in Bu-Cheon.

Job Description
As UBASE Trust and Safety team is the first APAC center in partnership with Global Customer Service TnS team carrying out multilingual services globally, a TnS Specialist is to deliver high quality customer services with seamless language skill in English and Chinese. The team is working proactively and reactively to recognize online and offline risks by performing account investigations and mitigating losses by preventing sinister activities on Global Customer Service.

1. Educating users with Global Customer Service account on how to maintain security and safety on Global Customer Service site.
2. Reviewing multiple queues to prevent potential risks
3. Working with Trust & Safety lead to develop and enhance internal policies and tools
4. Investigating complex situations and potential fraud
5. Investigating scammers, scrapers and fraud cases and recognizing fraudulent/suspicious trends
6. Maintaining high levels of confidentiality while performing investigations
7. Comprehensively documenting investigations

1. Fluency in both Chinese and English (both written and oral) – Daily Duty and Training will be conducted in English.
2. Strong written interpersonal communication skills
3. Detail oriented- you do your due diligence when completing an investigation
4. Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and customer service skills
5. Strong understanding of e-commerce environment and related user issues
6. Idea-driven, confident and articulate – ready to make a meaningful contribution to the team from day one
7. Background in technology, online media/services and/or fraud and/or investigation
8. Ability to analyze data for patterns
9. Education Background or Work Experience in the field of hospitality is a plus (Recommended)

1. Attentive to detail
2. Able to analyze while thinking outside the box
3. Capable of reading between the lines to solve problems
4. A strong writer with excellent communication skills
5. Protector of private information and sensitive matters

1. Focused in a dynamic, unstructured, stressful environment, while remaining motivated and self-directed
2. Picks up on relevant information and uses it to generate options

1. Uniquely views belonging anywhere through a safety lens
2. Has what it takes to relate with a diverse, global audience

Excellent rapport
1. Able to put users at ease
2. Convey information concisely and precisely
3. Able to mediate effectively between two parties and find the best solution for everyone

Working Hours
1. 5 days in Sun-Sat (Including 1 day of weekend, either Sat or Sun)
2. Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 daily (The hour may vary according to internal situation)

Interview Schedule
• 1st Interview : 10/22~10/24, 10/29~10/30 11AM and 3PM
• 2nd Interview: 10/26 10AM, 10/31 10AM and 2PM (Individual notice)

Training Schedule
• From 11/05 ~ 11/23 for 3 weeks (On-boarded November 26, 2018)
• There will be final assessment at the end of training for evaluation to be employeed.
• Training fee is not paid for voluntary drop-outs and shall be paid when employment contract is signed.

Personal information to be collected
Items : Name , Birthdate, Gender, Address, Email Address, Education Background, Working Experience, Military Service, If he/she gets email, Certificate, License/Certificate, Familiy Background, Contents of self-introduction letter
▒ Reason to collect and use personal information
Before hired : To use it for the process of identification for the person according to the use of membership service, to check if he/she uses the real name to provide to credit information concentration institution and use
Guidance of hiring status to manage a year-round recruitment system.
Employment Satisfaction Survey of a year-round recruitment system.
After hired : To manage employees, all kinds of welfare (medial exam, corporate culture activity, salary etc), to declare and register to National Organization (Health Insurance, etc)

▒ Period of keeping and use of personal information
Records of job application information, etc : 5 years (after joining and resignation )
Records of contract or subscription withdrawal : 5 years (after contract or subscription withdrawal ends )
Records of price settlement and supply such as goods : 5 years
Records of consumer complaints or dispute settlement : 3 years

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Tipical Questions
“What are your salary requirements?” “What employers are really asking is, ‘Do you have realistic expectations when it comes to salary? Are we on the same page or are you going to want way more than we can give? Are you flexible on this point or is your expectation set in stone?’” Sutton Fell says. Try to avoid answering this question in the first interview because you may shortchange yourself by doing so, Teach says. Tell the hiring manager that if you are seriously being considered, you could give them a salary range–but if possible, let them make the first offer. Study websites like and to get an idea of what the position should pay. “Don’t necessarily accept their first offer,” he adds. “There may be room to negotiate.” When it is time to give a number, be sure to take your experience and education levels into consideration, Sutton Fell says. “Also, your geographic region, since salary varies by location.” Speak in ranges when giving figures, and mention that you are flexible in this area and that you’re open to benefits, as well. “Be brief and to the point, and be comfortable with the silence that may come after.”
Questions to ask
Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications? I love this question because it’s gutsy. Also, you’ll show that you’re confident in your skills and abilities.