Sep 152018

YNT Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary established by Wuxi Aochi Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. in April 2007 in Wuxi, China, is one of the leading domestic micro filter suppliers, and is also particularly good at the filter design under demanding conditions. The core products include separator filters, micro filters, bag filters, pressure vessel filters, automatic cleaning filters, high-pressure filters, static mixers and view mirror and so on. Such series of products has been recognized and praised by many customers such as China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Roc Oil, Fluor Corporation, Technip, the West-East Gas Project Department of China National Petroleum Corporation, Shell, Nanjing Steel Group, BASF and Sony.
YNT is committed to providing customers in the global industry with the most economical and most professional filtration solutions by selecting the world’s leading filtration production equipment and manufacturing processes, integrating years of the R & D experience in the cartridge process, and using a variety of filtration and separation technologies comprehensively. The sintered cartridge, stainless steel folded cartridge, wedged cartridge, membrane cartridge and other filter media coupled with the diversely designed filter shells have been widely used in the petrochemical, oil refining, new energy, steel and iron, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and water treatment and other industries.
YNT has offered services to the industrial community for many years, implementing ISO9001 International Quality System strictly. With a number of project departments set in the country, YNT can provide you with the most perfect after-sales service system, and we are able to arrive at the site to serve you within 24 hours in China.
In the future, YNT adhering to the core values of “safety, professionalism, innovation, and cooperation” will continue to provide customers with better quality products and more efficient services, and strive to make new contributions to the filtering technology innovation.
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