Aug 142018

Blade Material:Zirconium Oxide
Handle Material:ABS With TPR coated
Blade Color: white
Handle Color:black,green,pink
Blade Size(mm):76x30x1mm
Handle Length(mm):110mm
Total Length(mm):186mm
Specific densityg/cm3>6.0
Thermal expansion
Elastic modulisGPa200~250
Fracture toughnessMPa.m1/27-10
Bending strengthMPa>1150
Grain sizeμm<0.6
Thermal conductivityW/(m .k)2.5
Product Features:
1. Material:knife blade made of Zirconium Oxide ,high-tech products
2. Antibacterial:non-porous surface prevent bacteria infiltrate the blade, foods will keep their vitamins and stay prettier longer
3. Sharp and durable :razor-sharp blade can cut food as thin as a piece of paper, the high hardness and density make blade have long lasting cutting and retains perfect sharp edge for years without re-sharpening
4. Stain and rust proof:no chemical reaction with the food do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, Impervious to food acids.
5. Oxidation resistant,maintain each food’s flavour and color
6. FDA,LFGB,PAHS,ROHS,SGS certificated.
Advantage of Middia Ceramic Knife:
Use & Care:
•Do not wash in the dishwasher,by hand wash with water and liquid dish soap;
•Do not use knife to cut hard foods, frozen foods or foods containing bones so that not damage the blade
•Do not cutting on marble,stone,glass or tile surface,use only on plastic or wood cutting boar.
•Do not pry,deep impact,or when the screwdriver
•Do not put the handle on the fire
•Do not use the side of blade rolling(crush) garlic or other food
•Keep blade cover on when blade is not in use to avoid chipping, keep it away from the children
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