Jun 272018

1.Our History
1994: Ningbo Yinzhou Gaoqiao Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. was founded
2000: Ningbo Huayuan FRP Electrical Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded
2003: Ningbo Huayuan Composite New Material Co., Ltd. was founded
2004: Ningbo Huayuan Gas Control Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded
2008: Ningbo Huayuan Group Co., Ltd. was founded
2016: Company new name Huayuan Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., focusing on composites materials, R&D, and composites products.
2.Our Factory
Huayuan Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (HAMC) is a professional and active leader focusing on formulating, compounding, and molding of thermosetting composites materials and products. HAMC has been working with industry equipment, electrical, telecom, automotive, train, fast transit, home appliance and construction for over 20 years globally. With continuous R&D development, HAMC has gained long term & global partnership with Siemens, GE, Schneider, Eaton, Cummins, and over 20 cities fast transit projects in China.
HAMC has built up a over 70,000 sqm advanced factory in China and has plans to go overseas for manufacturing in order to provide faster and better services. A brand new factory and headquarter will start to be used in mid of 2017. This new factory has over 4000 sqm R&D center, in-house tooling shop, and various equipments for molding including compression molding, injection molding, pultrusion, and RTM. Advanced technology is equipped as well, such as In-Mold-Coating, vacuum-assisted molding, etc.
From Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) material formulation, product design support, tooling design & mfg, and final molded products, HAMC can always find a better choice for customers in order to achieve better performance and cost effectiveness.
3.Our Product
Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), Bulk Molding Compound (BMC), SMC cabinets, switchgear housings, cable brackets, cable trays, electrical cabinets, meter boxes, truck bumpers, automotive body parts, train decoration parts, molded parts, pultruded profiles
4.Product Application
Electrical, Industry Equipment
5.Our Certificate
industry equipment, electrical, telecom, automotive, train, fast transit, home appliance and construction
6.Production Equipment
2 SMC lines, 5 BMC lines, over 80 compresses tonnage from 100 Tons to 4000 Tons, in-house tooling fabricating equipments, CMM inspection machine, Brookfield viscosity meter, mechanical strength test equipment, high voltage test, salt spray test, high voltage test, heat test, UV test, fire resistant test, and over 50 R&D test equipments
7.Production Market
North America, West Europe, Middle East, South & East AsiaMolded Sinks manufacturers China

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