Apr 102018

We are truly looking for knowledgeable teachers who are able to teach Any One or Multiple Subjects among;

– SAT Critical Reading
– English Literature
– Economics
– History (World/U.S./Europe)
– Biology
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Math
– Computer Science
– And others
– TOEFL (Speaking and Writing)

The school provides highly professional SAT/AP/TOEFL test prep services for students who are advancing to U.S. universities.

US/Canada Top ranking schools’ graduates and experienced teachers will be highly appreciated for this opportunity.

Applicants can apply to either Summer Vacation Seasonal Temporary position or Ongoing Full/Part Time position at your availability.

The teachers with own accommodation are preferred.

APPLY NOW to work in center of Gangnam Seoul, Korea and receive lucrative benefits from the top SAT/AP institute in Korea by applying via

A representative will assist you shortly to initiate the placement process.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please let us know by sending email to for prompt assistance.

A. Job Information
– Job Number: SATSM18#03
– School Type: Private
– Job Type: Summer Vacation Seasonal Temporary or Ongoing Full/Part Time
– Location: Daechi-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
– Student Age: Junior – Senior High School
– Starting Date: Summer Season from June 2018 to Aug 2018 or Ongoing Full/Part from Apr/May/June
– Working Hours: To be decided in consideration of teacher and student’s schedule.
– Preferred Teachers: US/Canada Top ranking schools preferred
– Payment: 3.5M KRW – 5M KRW monthly salary based on 35,000KRW – 50,000KRW hourly rate. (The rate is offered based on skills, experience after the interview evaluation)

B. Qualifications
– Anyone who has relevant teaching experience or recently graduated from one of the TOP ranking universities in US/Canada.
– F-4 visa holders (Korean Gyopos) and IVY Leaguer are highly valued!
– Proof documents will be asked during the official process

C. How to Apply
Anyone who is interested in this opportunity, please make DIRECT application through our ‘APPLY NOW’ site at

A representative will assist you shortly to initiate the placement process.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please let us know by sending email to for prompt assistance.

D. About GLOII Job Consulting
GLOII is a professional recruiting and English teacher placement agency operating in New York, London, Sydney and Seoul Korea. We are providing comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional guidance to prospective ESL teachers who have the sincere desire to come to South Korea to teach English while at the same time learning about the richness and uniqueness of Korean culture and everyday life.

GLOII has the recruiting network throughout Korea directly representing a great number of Public and Private schools and able to get you the most established and reputable employers saving your valuable time and energy.

Our services are being offered free of charge for teachers.


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Tipical Questions
“Please give me an example of a time when you had a problem with a supervisor/co-worker and how you approached the problem.” “I think that the hardest thing about work isn’t the work, it’s the people at work,” Teach says. Most employees have a problem with a supervisor or co-worker at some point in their career. How they handle that problem says a lot about their people skills. If you can explain to the interviewer that you were able to overcome a people problem at work, this will definitely help your chances of getting the job, he says.
Questions to ask
What have you enjoyed most about working here? This question allows the interviewer to connect with you on a more personal level, sharing his or her feelings. The answer will also give you unique insight into how satisfied people are with their jobs there. If the interviewer is pained to come up with an answer to your question, it’s a big red flag.