Mar 152018

Position: International Sales Manager

Employer: Woongjin Compass

About the Employer & Employment Opportunity:

Woongjin Compass is a global ELT content provider. Founded in 1999, we have developed a wide range of English language teaching and learning resources. Compass currently exports both print and digital media products to over 50 countries around the world. We are experiencing a period of rapid growth and are expanding our Content Development team with additional staff members.

Location: Seoul Office, near Yangjae Station

Job Description:

Title: International Sales Manager

Department: Global business team

Reports to: Manager of Global business team

* Job responsibilities for the position of International Sales and Market Coordinator require the management and mediation to 50 international distributors for ELT print content.
* Sales duties require customer service duties, order management, logistical coordination, product knowledge, and account support. A major aspect is maintaining a strong relationship with our distributors with the ability to speak from experience in regards to the pedagogical practice.
* The marketing side requires extensive knowledge of EFL/ESL methodologies and the ability to serve as conduit to the international market through book fairs, conferences, and teacher training. It is through this foundation of knowledge, that all marketing duties are able to reach our target market via educational conferences, book fairs, and teacher training. When conducting business trips, market research should be conducted and reported to the content and development team.

Qualifications of Ideal Candidate:
Education and experience
* A Bachelor’s Degree or higher related to English, Education, or Business
* Minimum 3 years full-time professional experience related to Sales

Skills and abilities

* Able to write legal contracts and documents
* Business skill certifications(marketing, branding, financial analysis)
* Fluent English speaker
* MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT)
* Technical knwoledge of digital publishing
* Understanding of ELT curriculm development

Personal attributes
* Highly organized and detail oriented
* Ability to multi-task and manage several projects at a time
* Ability to both receive and give constructive feedback
* Ability to work in a team environment; excellent interpersonal and communication skills
* Commitment to personal and professional development with long-term vision and aspirations within the ELT media industry

Period of Employment: Initially a one- to two-year contract with review period. Since there is training and a high learning curve for this position, we prefer someone who wishes to work for the organization over the long term.

Salary Range: Competitive compensation package commensurate with experience

Vacation Days: 15 days of paid personal leave per year and Korean public holidays

Working Hours: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. (Lunch is provided from 12 to 1.)

Pension: Paid in accordance with Korean law

Health Insurance: Provided in accordance with Korean law

Severance Pay: One month’s salary earned per year of employment

Start Date: Immediately (The start date is flexible for the right candidate.)

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